Launch Date : May 24, 2019
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Launch Date : May 24, 2019
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The appointment of Inspection Panel Member Jan Mattsson is due to end November 2019.  His departure will create a vacancy on the Panel.  In accordance with the procedures approved by the Board (R2018-0125), a Selection Committee has been convened which consists of Mr. Juergen Zattler (Chairperson), Mr. Merza Hasan, Ms. Aparna Subramani, Mr. Werner Gruber, Ms. Kristalina Georgieva and Ms. Sandie Okoro.  The Committee is expected to convene in May and then review, short list and interview candidates, with a view to presenting names of qualified candidates to David Malpass for his nomination to the Executive Directors in August.

The position description has been posted on the Inspection Panel web site and anyone interested in applying is invited to do so no later than June 17, 2019.  Please note that persons who have worked for the World Bank in any capacity in the last two years are not eligible to apply.

Executive Directors are invited to nominate candidates and may do so by contacting with copy to Betsy Roach (Executive Search).

Candidates will be considered for this and future Inspection Panel Member vacancies.


Juergen Zattler                                                                 Merza Hasan
Executive Director                                                            Executive Director
Chairperson, Committee on                                            Dean of the Board
Development Effectiveness  

Launch Date : May 23, 2019
Description :

Do you want to learn about more efficient ways to get things done? Discover new tools that can help you spend less time on bureaucracy and more on high-value activities? We've got you covered!

The Agile Bank e-course is now live! It includes case studies, useful resources to download, and cool activities that will teach you the basics of Agile and all the new tools being roll out at the Bank—CLICK HERE to enroll.

Please enroll and complete it at your earliest convenience—but don't wait too long: the first 50 staff to complete all the modules and pass the final assessment will win a very special Agile gift bag! 

If you experience any technical issues or have any comments, please let us know at

A BIG THANK YOU from all of us for your support and participation!

Agile Bank team

Launch Date : May 22, 2019
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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Rama as Chief Economist in the Latin America and Caribbean Region (LCRVP).  He has kindly agreed to extend his tenure at the Bank by one year, sharing his extensive experience and providing leadership in this key position in the LAC Region.  Mr. Rama, a Uruguayan national is currently Sr. Economic Adviser in the South Asia Region (SARVP).  Mr. Rama joined the Bank in 1994 and has held various positions, including Director for the 2013 World Development Report on Jobs and until recently as the Chief Economist in the South Asia Region.  He has done extensive research mainly focusing on labor issues and his research activities have led to numerous publications in academic journals.

In his new position Mr. Rama’s top three priorities will be to (i) provide intellectual leadership and advice on development issues facing Latin America and the Caribbean, (ii) work both within the World Bank Group and outside partners, provide high quality and innovative analytic work and lead the dialogue on these issues, and (iii) provide strategic advice to the Regional Vice President and regional management team on development issues.

Mr. Rama was selected to this position through a Bank-wide strategic reassignment process.  His appointment is effective June 15, 2019.


Axel van Trotsenburg                                                                                     Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg

Regional Vice President                                                                                 Chief Economist, WBG

Latin America and Caribbean Region                                                            Development Economics

Launch Date : May 22, 2019
Description :

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ximena Del Carpio as Practice Manager for Latin America and Caribbean Region in the Poverty & Equity GP.

Ms. Del Carpio, a dual US/Peruvian national, joined the Bank in 2006 in Social Protection (HDNSP).  She has since held various positions as Economist/Senior Economist in the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), the East Asia & Pacific (EAP) and Europe & Central Asia (ECA) Regions, as well as the Social Protection & Labor GP. Her most recent assignment was Program Leader for the Social Inclusion Portfolio in the Turkey CMU.  

In her new position Ms. Del Carpio’s top three priorities will be: (i) lead the team to support client efforts to build better data, better measurement and better statistical systems to monitor progress on the twin goals; (ii) work in partnership with the Country Directors and CMUs, to deliver high quality poverty and shared prosperity analytics to clients; (iii) work in collaboration with other GPs to help operationalize the twin goals.

Ms. Del Carpio was selected to this position through a Bank-wide competitive managerial selection process. Her appointment is effective July 15, 2019.

Ceyla Pazarbasioglu

Vice President

Equitable Growth, Finance & Institutions

Launch Date : May 21, 2019
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Launch Date : May 20, 2019
Description :


As previously announced, encryption is now enabled for removable storage devices connected to the Bank Group network using "BitLocker To Go" (effective May 20, 2019).

Encryption is an effective method of protecting World Bank Group data and information stored on portable USB devices such as flash drives, SD cards, and external hard drives.

Please remember to use OneDrive as your primary tool for file sharing and storage. When you need to use a USB device, always protect your data and information with encryption—it protects you, your files, and the World Bank Group. In the event your device gets lost or stolen, your data is secure. 

Please note:

  • BitLocker To Go now enabled: When you plug a removable drive into your WBG PC, you will be prompted to encrypt the device before saving your files (BitLocker To Go walks you through the process). If you do not encrypt the device, you will be restricted to "read only" access.
  • Create a password: When encrypting a USB device, you will be prompted to create a password that you, and anyone you share the device with, must use to access its data.
  • First-time requirement: The first time you encrypt data on a device you must be connected to the WBG network, either on campus—in any World Bank Group building—or remotely, via AnyConnect. (Please note: you cannot use myConnect virtual desktop to encrypt or save data to a USB drive.)
  • Allow adequate time: The more data there is on your USB device, the longer it will take to encrypt. For example, a flash drive with a few files may only take several minutes, whereas an external hard drive with 500 GB of data may take up to one and a half days, and a drive with 1 TB of data even longer. Subsequent saves on the encrypted drive require encrypting only the additional files.
  • For use on Windows PCs: BitLocker To Go requires a Windows-capable PC. It is not for use onremovable storage devices with other operating systems (e.g., Mac OS) or USB ports on TVs or other devices. Use this encryption only for business files on business devices.

We all have a role to play in protecting World Bank Group information and attaining the goals of our CYBER-SAFER strategy

For more information, go to https://ois.

[Original May 6 Kiosk Announcement updated to reflect the launch of BitLocker To Go on May 20.]

Launch Date : May 20, 2019
Description :

The World Bank - International Monetary Fund Chorus concert will take place in MC Atrium on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 1 pm.

The chorus will perform Mozart Requiem, accompanied by orchestra. Speakers will be used to amplify the sound for the audience.

For further questions and/or comments on the event, please contact Monika Kosior.

Launch Date : May 20, 2019
Description :

​​To mark the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development and to celebrate the rich cultural diversity and varied experiences and backgrounds which makes up the World Bank Group community, the Diversity & Inclusion Office has partnered with various Staff Clubs and Associations, as well as Employee Business Resource Groups to bring to you the annual Diversity and Inclusion Expo.  It will be held at the MC Atrium on May 21 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  

The same VR Learning experience called, "Picture yourself included" launched on May 17, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOT)  will also be featured.

Launch Date : May 20, 2019
Description : This is an IFC Announcement and description is currently not available