Launch Date : Dec 10, 2018
Description :

We are pleased to announce that starting December 10, 2018, HR Operations will revise the hours of its in-person consultations at IFC. Located at 2P-124, consultation services will be offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2pm to 4pm (EST) to assist staff in a number of areas including Visas and Benefits.  G-Building in-person support will continue Mondays through Fridays 10am to 1pm (EST).  Please note that for security purposes, document pick-up and drop-offs will remain in the G-building, 2nd floor location.

Need to save some time? Staff can also pre-book appointments using the online appointment scheduler.

Please contact HR Operations for further information: Write HR, call (202) 473-2222 or email

Launch Date : Dec 7, 2018
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​The MedStar Primary Care Practice, located in the MC Building (MC C2-140) will be closed on Monday, December 10th from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Launch Date : Dec 7, 2018
Description :

In line with our strategy to proactively deploy our best talent for frontline positions and following recent announcements of the batch recruitment of Country Directors and HQ-based Directors in Operational Units, I am pleased to announce the batch recruitment for Country Managers, Operations Managers, Resident Representatives and Program Leaders. With 61 jobs in total, this follows our decision to offer more job opportunities for open competition.

Country Managers, Operations Managers and Resident Representatives

We are recruiting all 11 Country Manager (CM), 11 Operations Manager (OM), and 5 Resident Representative (Res Rep) positions. To ensure a corporate approach, a Standing Shortlisting Committee will carry out the shortlisting part of the selection process, taking into consideration corporate criteria, diversity, and region and country-specific requirements. The Committee will include Wei Wang (Chair), Juergen Voegele, Seynabou Sakho, Johannes Zutt and Samia Msadek.

Most of the positions will become effective in calendar year 2019, and we expect transfers to take place in July and August. This will help families plan for relocation and allow for better handover between incoming and outgoing CMs, OMs, and Res Reps.

Program Leaders

We are also recruiting for 34 Program Leader (PL) positions at GG or GH levels, distributed across the different Practice Groups as follows: Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions (16); Human Development (5); Sustainable Development (8) and Infrastructure (5). All PL positions are likewise open for competition.

Shortlisting will be chaired by the Practice Group Human Resources Manager and the committee will include representation from the PG and regional management. The Regions will manage interviews and final selection. 

All positions are posted in Compass and will remain open until December 19, 2019 at 11:59pm UTC (6:59pm Eastern Standard Time).

We strongly encourage applications from diverse candidates.


Kristalina Georgieva

Chief Executive Officer

Launch Date : Dec 6, 2018
Description :

​In recent years, the world has seen formidable manifestations of citizens' engagement. By taking to the streets to condemn corruption scandals, by rallying on social media to address growing inequalities, or by participating in global consultations to develop the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ordinary citizens are increasingly eager and able to make their voices heard.

At the same time, after several decades of progress, the space for citizens' voices is shrinking globally as several governments raise legal barriers to constrain actions by civil society organizations (CSOs) and to muzzle the media. In this context, the World Bank Group's commitment to citizen engagement can catalyze change. This is even more important because achieving the SDGs and the twin goals rests on the active involvement of citizens and local governments. In 2013, President Jim Kim committed to incorporate beneficiary feedback in all World Bank projects by 2018, a goal which was accomplished by the institution.

Join us for a discussion about what can be done to further improve the quality and depth of citizen engagement efforts, as well as the factors determining their successful integration into lending instruments, country strategy preparation, and policy formulation. The event will also highlight findings from IEG’s recent evaluation Engaging Citizens for Better Development Results.

Date: 13 December 2018

Time: 12:30 - 14:00 ( ET ) / 17:30 - 19:00 ( GMT )

Venue: J Building, Room B1-080



Manuela Ferro
Vice President,
Operations Policy and Country Services
World Bank

Sophie Sirtaine
Acting Director General
Independent Evaluation Group
World Bank

Engaging Citizens for Better Development Results

Elena Bardasi
Senior Economist,
Country Programs and Economic Management Unit
Independent Evaluation Group
World Bank Group




Jeffrey Hall
Freelance Consultant
Jeff Hall Consulting


Nadia Daar
Head of Washington D.C. Office
Oxfam International

Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez
Senior Director,
Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience Global Practice
World Bank

Anna Wetterberg
Director, Senior Social Scientist, and Senior Manager
RTI Press

Deborah Wetzel
Senior Director,
Governance Global Practice
World Bank

Launch Date : Dec 5, 2018
Description : This is an IFC Announcement and description is currently not available
Launch Date : Dec 5, 2018
Description : This is an IFC Announcement and description is currently not available
Launch Date : Dec 4, 2018
Description :

On Thursday, December 6th, six projects selected across our headquarters and country offices will pitch for the win at the Youth Innovation Fund Pitch Competition.

All projects went through initial rounds of evaluations by the YIF Community of Experts, composed of 20 seasoned colleagues with expertise in Climate, FCS/IDA countries, Data & Technology, Education, Health, Agriculture, Maximizing Finance for Development / Cascade.

Join us in I 2-200 at 3pm on December 6th, together with Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, Vice President for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institution Practice Group, who will give opening remarks, and Valerie Hickey, Practice Manager for Environment & Natural Resources, who will moderate the event. The Senior Judges who will decide on the final allocation of the YIF are:   

  • Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, Vice President for EFI Practice Group
  • Anna Bjerde, Director of Strategy and Operations for Sustainable Development
  • Naser Alizadeh, Director of IT Telecom and Client Services
  • John Kellenberg, Manager for Environmental & Social Framework Implementation, IBRD

To meet the Pitch Contest participants, discover the innovative opportunities and approaches that help solve development challenges, and learn what you can also tackle!

Projects in the Pitch Competition:    

Improving measurement of job skills and potential, while increasing urban,l ow-income Bangladeshis' personal knowledge of skills - Bangladesh
Julie Ting Ting Perng; Wameq Raza

100-Day Challenge: Applying Rapid Result Approach to Improve World BankContractors' Environmental and Social Performance in Post-conflict Liberia - Liberia
Weiyi Wang; Hongye Fan    

Developing Skills for the Future for Refugee Youth in Iraq - Iraq
Mra Murad Khan

Height Chart - Indonesia
Steisianasari Mileiva; Juul Pinxten; Zack Petersen

Romania's first Metropolitan Masterplan – Romania
Ioana-Alexandra Irimia; Zohar Ianovici; Marius Cristea; Adina Vintan; Bianca-Cristina Butacu

HemayatChista - Global
Kay Kim; Nina Paustian; Peter Laszlo Vincze

Not in DC? Join us remotely via WebEx or Y2Y Facebook Live!


Meeting number (access code): 731 986 296

Meeting password: 9pmmP47b



1-650-479-3207 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)

Tap here to call (mobile phones only, hosts not supported): tel:+1-650-479-3207,,*01*731986296%23%23*01*


Global call-in numbers:


Launch Date : Dec 4, 2018
Description :

As of 12:01 a.m. December 5, 2018, Washington D.C. time the fixed spread over LIBOR (or EURIBOR) will decrease for new IBRD Flexible Loans (IFLs) for all maturities and all currencies. The fixed spreads shown in the table below will apply to all IFLs with a fixed spread signed on or after December 5, 2018, local time at the place of signing.



IFL Fixed Spread for USD Denominated Loans Signed on or after December 5, 2018
(in basis points)

Average Maturity8 years and belowGreater than 8 and up to 10 yearsGreater than 10 and up to 12 yearsGreater than 12 and up to 15 yearsGreater than 15 and up to 18 yearsGreater than 18 and up to 20 years
Projected Funding Spread (Prior)5 (10)15 (20)15 (20)20 (30)25 (35)25 (35)
Market Risk Premium101010101515
Contractual Lending Spread505050505050
Standard Maturity Premium (Group C)101030507090
Total Spread – Current2,3
Group A 658595110130140
Group B6585100120145160
Group C6585105130160180
Group D7090115145180205
Total Spread – Prior3,4      
Group A7090100120140150
Group B7090105130155170
Group C7090110140170190
Group D7595120155190215


  1. The current maturity premium and its associated adjustments are applicable to loans for which an Invitation to Negotiate was issued (i) on or after July 1, 2018; or (ii) prior to July 1, 2018, and which are approved on or after October 1, 2018. Group A pricing applies to the loans not meeting these criteria. Group A pricing is also applicable to IDA financing under the scale-up facility and for transitional support credits. 
  2. Applies to USD-denominated loans meeting the criteria described under Note 1. A basis swap adjustment of -0.15% is applicable to EUR-fixed spread, -0.35% is applicable to the JPY fixed spread, and -0.05% is applicable to GBP-fixed spread. The total spread does not include the SBL surcharge applicable for exposure beyond the Single Borrower Limit of IBRD.
  3. The lending rate of a loan is determined based on the Reference Rate and Total Spread effective on the rate setting date subject to an implicit floor of zero on the overall rate.
  4. Total prior spread applicable as of December 5, 2018.


The decrease in the fixed spread is the result of a decrease in IBRD's projected funding cost, which Bank management reviews at least quarterly to ensure that it reflects evolving, underlying market conditions.

This change does not affect the pricing of IBRD Flexible Loans with a variable spread.

Up-to-date lending rates are available at the World Bank Treasury website.

Please contact Miguel Navarro-Martin in the Financial Advisory and Banking Department (FAB) for support in communicating these changes to clients, or Arbind Jha in Market and Counterparty Risk (CROMC) for any questions regarding the process for changing the technical components of the fixed spread loans.

Launch Date : Dec 4, 2018
Description :

The latest Judgments from the World Bank Administrative Tribunal have been rendered.  In accordance with Rule 30 of the Tribunal's Rules, the Judgments and Orders have been published on the Tribunal's website.  To view the Judgments, please click the links below, or visit For more information please contact, Zakir Hafez, Executive Secretary of The World Bank Administrative Tribunal.

DK (No. 2) v. IBRD

DZ (No. 2) v. IBRD






Gonzalez Flavell (No. 4) v. IBRD

D'Costa v. IBRD

Launch Date : Dec 4, 2018
Description : This is an IFC Announcement and description is currently not available