Launch Date : Apr 22, 2019
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Earth Day Celebration
Apr 22, 2019
Launch Date : Apr 22, 2019
Description :

Join the celebration in the MC Atrium. This year we will have many activities, exhibits, and booths on waste, recycling, and composting to coincide with the rollout of the new “binless” waste system at Bank-owned buildings in DC. Come by and  participate in games like “sort it out” and you can win a special prize!

To learn more about the new waste system, see:  http://sortitout.

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Movie Screening "E-Waste Tragedy"
Join us on a journey to Europe, China, Africa, and the U.S. to explore the toxic global trade of electronic waste in this documentary written and directed by Cosima Danoritzer.

Check out the Corporate Responsibilty yammer page for more info on Earth Week!

Launch Date : Apr 18, 2019
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​Mentoring is a long established, well-practiced development tool, available to staff no matter where they are in the World Bank Group. The mentoring relationship is often cited as being one of the most meaningful developmental experiences in an individual's career. It adds significant value to the organization and provides an opportunity for mentors and mentees to partner for the benefit of mutual learning and growth.

HR's Mentoring Programs team is pleased to announce FY19 MentoringMatters!, the World Bank Group's mentoring awards and recognition initiative. Held annually at the end of each fiscal year, MentoringMatters! celebrates and recognizes the commitment and contributions made by WBG mentoring participants.

This year, nominations for the Mentor of the Year award are open from April 1 until April 26, 2019.  Those interested in nominating a mentor can do so at http://mentoring​​  

The awards event will be held on May 30, 2019.  Further event details will be posted on the Mentoring page referenced above.

Please contact with any questions.

Launch Date : Apr 18, 2019
Description :

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Kanthan Shankar to the position of Country Director for West Bank and Gaza, in the Middle East and North Africa Vice Presidency (MNA).

Mr. Shankar, an Indian national, joined the Bank in 1997 as Operations Officer in the then Regional Resident Office based in West Bank and Gaza. He has since held various positions of increasing responsibility across the matrix, notably as Country Manager in Kosovo and Myanmar, Operations Manager in the Pacific, and most recently Practice Manager and Operations Advisor in the Fragility, Conflict and Violence Global Themes Department.

In his new position, Mr. Shankar’s top three priorities will be to (i) lead the client dialogue and the implementation of the Assistance Strategy, in close collaboration with IFC and MIGA, emphasizing deeper private sector engagement and investments in the Palestinian territories; (ii) develop effective partnerships with donors, the private sector and NGO community active in West Bank and Gaza; and (iii) strengthen the country team by facilitating strategic selectivity, client focus and impact, guiding, mentoring and inspiring staff and fostering cross-GP collaboration.

Mr. Shankar was selected to this position through the Bank-wide competitive managerial selection process. His appointment is effective May 1, 2019.

Ferid Belhaj

Vice President

Middle East and North Africa Region

Launch Date : Apr 18, 2019
Description :

In response to the devastation caused in March in southern Africa by Tropical Cyclone Idai, the World Bank Group launched a relief drive to assist the affected countries of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. 

During the drive, WBG staff gave $40,122 - and with the Bank's 50% match a total of $60,183 will go to UNICEF to help those impacted by the disaster.

Thank you on behalf of the Executive Director's office responsible for southern Africa (EDS14), the country Staff Associations and the Africa Region for everyone's support.

Launch Date : Apr 17, 2019
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Launch Date : Apr 17, 2019
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I am pleased to announce the appointment of Edith Jibunoh as Communications Manager for Infrastructure.

Ms. Jibunoh, a Nigerian national, rejoined the Bank in February 2014 as Stakeholder Engagement Adviser in the External and Corporate Relations (ECR) Vice Presidency. Before that, she served as Global Policy Director at the ONE Campaign, where she worked on advocacy, policy, and engagement, and in several positions in the Nigerian government, including Chief of Staff and Adviser on International and Bilateral Relations to Nigeria’s Minister of Finance. She had previously worked in the Bank’s East Asia and Pacific region and UN Office in New York.  

In her new position Ms. Jibunoh’s top three priorities will be to: (i) provide strategic advice on positioning and communications, stakeholder engagement, advocacy opportunities and reputation risk to the Vice President and leadership team of the Infrastructure Vice Presidency; (ii) manage the communications staff assigned to the Infrastructure VPU for excellence and impact; and iii) contribute to corporate and VPU-wide initiatives.

Ms. Jibunoh was selected to this position through the Bank-wide competitive managerial selection process. Her appointment is effective May 6, 2019.

Sheila Redzepi
External and Corporate Relations

Launch Date : Apr 17, 2019
Description :

The World Bank Family Network (WBFN) is hosting a visa options seminar for G4 dependents.

  • Did you know that many World Bank children are eligible to apply for a Green Card?
  • Are you wondering how to obtain Green Card status while your spouse maintains his/her G4 visa?
  • Have you considered applying for work authorization even though you are not working?

This session will address these and other related topics for G4 spouses and children.

Time will be set aside for questions and answers.

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm

Venue: World Bank J Building, Room J1-050 (Lobby level), 701 18th Street, NW

Speaker: Amy R. Novick, Attorney at Law - Haynes Novick Immigration


To register, please email the WBFN Office at  (include name and telephone number).


Launch Date : Apr 17, 2019
Description :

The World Bank, IFC and MIGA are developing the World Bank Group’s first formal strategy for Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV). The objective of the strategy is to address the drivers of FCV in affected countries and their impact on vulnerable populations, with the ultimate goal of contributing to peace and prosperity.

Staff from across the World Bank Group (WBG) have developed a Strategy Concept Note that recognizes the need to engage differently in FCV. To ensure that the strategy benefits from a wide range of views and inputs, global consultations with WBG stakeholders will be held as follows:

  • Phase 1 (April–June 2019): In-person and online consultation on the FCV strategy concept
  • Phase 2 (August-September 2019): Online consultation on the draft FCV strategy document

Internal consultations will draw on the vast experience of staff and management. A number of working groups are meeting regularly to discuss ideas and inputs to the strategy.

Staff are encouraged to share their views through an internal questionnaire. The deadline for submitting comments is June 30, 2019.

The final strategy is expected in November 2019. It will serve as a comprehensive framework to guide and systematize the WBG’s engagement in FCV settings. For further information, please contact

Launch Date : Apr 17, 2019
Description :

A new, “binless” waste management system will be introduced in all Bank-owned buildings at headquarters (MC, I, J, C) starting April 22 in the MC and rolling out through the end of FY19. This system will help us significantly reduce the amount of our waste that goes to landfill.

The idea to go binless came from staff through the Ideas for a Better Bank and follows on efforts to reduce our plastic footprint. It is consistent with our mission and values and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.  

Binless means that we will no longer have recycling or waste bins in our offices. Sets of four large bins will be placed in multiple common areas on every floor of our HQ-owned buildings. The common area bins will collect four streams: mixed recycling, paper recycling, compost, and landfill. Signage above the bins will indicate what materials should be placed in each.

To learn more about this new system, visit the Earth Day Expo in the MC Atrium on April 22 from 11am-2pm, or go to http://sortitout.

While we are rolling out this system at HQ, we know that many Country Offices also are taking steps to reduce waste and improve recycling, and we fully encourage these initiatives as well.

Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated as we all learn how to SORT IT OUT!